Ekaterina Panourgias 200x260I met Nola Stewart several years ago while we were both enrolled at TAFE doing our Visual Arts Diploma. We became friends instantly.

I have since learnt about the polio virus and how it has impacted on not only Nola’s life but the lives of many others.

When we became aware of the opportunity to participate in the “Touched by Polio” project, we thought it was a great idea and a unique way to express the polio experience from a personal perspective.

Although I haven’t have that experience myself, my piece reflects a consideration of what it might have been like – and the qualities of the piece have been inspired by stories from Nola and her experience.

I called my piece “Bound” as this elicits thoughts of the body casts, the physical restrictions, and the inability as a child to do and play like other children.

And yet, “Bound” also suggests the possibility of ‘bounding’ forward, in spite of the effects of polio.

I had to think carefully about how I could create a piece that would impart integrity and humanity, and “Bound” was the result!

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