Margaret GreigMargaret Greig has been a happy member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) since 1970. Margaret contracted polio in 1950 and became a quadriplegic. She has been painting by mouth since her mid-teens and finds even more richness in painting now than when she first began to discover the quality of life through art.

She has participated in many Australian and overseas exhibitions and demonstrated in shopping centres and to groups interested in the work of MFPA.

Margaret was brought up on a farm before her illness and has a love of all animals, particularly horses and cows and they have been the subject of many paintings. Most of her paintings are of country scenes and flowers.

Her other interests include her church, computers, watching sport, keeping miniature ponies and travelling at every opportunity.

Please click on a picture below to see more photographs and a video of each of Margaret’s “Touched by Polio” art works

A Boot Full of Blooms
Not sold yet

Surveying His Farm