Marguerite TierneyMarguerite Tierney – daughter of Dr John Tierney, Polio Australia’s President and Patron – is a young, emerging Maitland-born now Melbourne-based artist who creates layered and fantastical scenes peopled by obscure characters. Marguerite’s playful imagery forms a mélange of swirls and colourful tones that projects her own light-hearted reflection of the world and all its wonders.

I like drawing. But I didn’t know this till I was 20. It’s like the thought popped in to my head out of nowhere and then I couldn’t stop. I drew all the way through my sister’s wedding and always miss my stop on trains. Where is Wagga Wagga? That’s where I ended up once.

I’m more interested in what you think a work means. Not just mine. Anybody’s. This is why art never dies. It will be an ongoing phase until we cease to exist. Like music, art speaks to us. It’s energy, movement, colours, an expression of the wonders of the soul and the life around it.

Marguerite’s work is currently showing at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery in the Hunter, NSW. Called “A wolf in my yard: a tale of adaptation”, the show runs from 23 February through to 28 April 2013. Click for more details: Maitland Regional art Gallery.

Marguerite describes from a daughter’s perspective how she has been touched by polio: I’ve seen my Dad suffer greatly due to his post polio illness. Nevertheless I’ve had a positive experience with polio as I’ve also seen my Dad accomplish great career achievements and manage to comfortably provide for his six children at the same time. It’s admirable to see someone with physical restrictions use their mind to achieve in life and push past limitations.

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Please click on a picture below to see more photographs and a video of each of Marguerite’s “Touched by Polio” art works