Nola Stewart 200x260Like all of us with polio, all I wanted to do was play in the grass and the sand, be able to climb trees, swing on swings, and just do all those things we were never able to do.

The base of the piece depicts days long gone, and the bright colours coming out of the inside, and the baby in “God’s hands” is the way we all were in the beginning . . . before we got the polio virus.

Whilst doing my piece, everything was going fine until I decided to include two photos of myself as a child. As soon as I stuck those pictures on, I found myself getting very angry as I saw how unhappy that little girl was. I became very emotional and discovered there are still deep seated feelings about all the things I missed out on in my childhood. It is something that I’m still working through.

Please click on the picture below to see more photographs and a video of Nola’s “Touched by Polio” art work

My Elusive Dream
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