Phia 200x260Sophia Exiner is a Melbourne born musician currently based in Berlin, Germany and the daughter of polio survivor and Post-Polio Victoria Committee Member, Liz Telford.

Sophia graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2009 with a Bachelor of Music (Honours) specialising in Improvisation. During her Honours year she was awarded the Lionel Gell Travelling Scholarship, which she used to travel to the US to study with some contemporary-classical pianists.

Upon her return to Australia in 2010 Sophia released “Searching, Finding” an album with electro-acoustic improvisational trio OK OK OK. The backing track for the “Touched by Polio” exhibition is the song “Distance” which features on this album.

Sophia also started performing her own experimental pop songs solo with a kalimba and loop pedal under her own name, Phia. In 2011 she released the debut Phia EP “Garden of Youth”, and in mid-2011 relocated to Berlin to pursue a career in Europe. Since then she has toured Iceland, Poland and Germany, and is currently working on her next release.

Distance – 5 mins 8 secs

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