Participating artists on the mainland are:

Pauline Baxter (Vic), Elizabeth Brand (NSW), Maureyn Brees (Vic), Angela Casabene (Vic), Wendy Davies (NSW), Merilyn Dixon (Vic), Glenys Donnelly (Vic), Bridgett Froehlich (Vic), Margaret Greig (NSW), Fran Henke (Vic), Joan Smith (Vic), Dianne Kennedy (Vic), David Ladley (Qld), John Marsh (NSW), Judith Maxwell (Vic), Heather O’Flaherty (Qld), Ekaterina Panourgias (Vic), Trish Sidway (Vic), Nola Stewart (Vic), Florence Stone (Vic), Marguerite Tierney (Vic), Margaret Watson (Vic), Ros Wilkins (Qld), and Marlene Wookey (Vic).

In Tasmania, Orthotist and Artist, John Semmens, has taking on the role of Project Manager for his state. Apart from John Semmens, other contributing artists in Tasmania will be:

Brian Abraham, Paul Byard, Ross Byers, Karl Huttenmeister (Vic), Catriona Maclaine, Sarah McLean, Mish Mejers, James Newton, Tricky Walsh, and Petrea Zdun.