Colllage of a Polio Life - Front     Colllage of a Polio Life - Left Side     Colllage of a Polio Life - Back     Colllage of a Polio Life - Right Side

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The music accompanying this video is selected from the composition “Distance”, written and performed by Sophia Exiner

Extract from  Marlene Wookey artist statement

My childhood revolved around exercises after breakfast and before bed.

At night the ritual was of cold plaster casts bandaged onto my legs, the fastening of the bodice around my torso to keep me straight and still as I slept. This aided with the recovery of the symptoms of my damaged body.

Days were spent in callipers and big brown boots (not pretty shoes for me). However, it didn’t stop me from my many adventures when living on the farm with my four siblings.

I reflect now and ask “Did polio make me who I am?”. My art work reflects how fortunate my life as a polio survivor has been.