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The music accompanying this video is selected from the composition “Distance”, written and performed by Sophia Exiner

Extract from  Bridgett Froehlich artist statement

My personal experience of polio was as an adult in knowing Hubert.

Hubert had polio as a child in England and his right leg was a lot shorter, he walked with a limp and wore a black built up boot.

He was a remarkable man, so kind and generous by spirit, always helping other people. Like many of his generation he never to my knowledge complained about anything or anyone.

Hubert was a close friend of my Father, who in his later years lived with me, and would often visit so we had a fair bit of contact.

My father’s unit overlooked our garden which had a big old chicken house/run where I kept my extended family of fan tailed doves. I can still picture Hubert and my Father sitting there with their cups of tea enjoying watching the doves; how they would smile when the cheeky favourites would sit on my shoulder and head as I walked about the garden.

“Loving Doves” is in memory of Hubert.