Revelry of Mirkwood - Front     Revelry of Mirkwood - Left     Revelry of Mirkwood - Back     Revelry of Mirkwood - Right Side

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The music accompanying this video is selected from the composition “Distance”, written and performed by Sophia Exiner

Extract from  Heather O’Flaherty artist statement

Materials: water-based acrylic medium; craft foam; acetate; leather (laces only); natural twine; sequins; rubber matting; sealers.

As a huge fan of J R R Tolkien, this boot is a nod to all things Elven. The elves of Mirkwood, as mentioned in Tolkien’s works, are fringe forest dwellers and the thought crossed my mind … could you imagine the lost property of Elves?!

“He heard there oft the flying sound of feet as light as linden-leaves,
Or music welling underground in hidden hollows quavering.”

J R R Tolkien ~ The Lord of the Rings